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Ensuring Your Business Stays Secure and Thriving

Retail Security: Safeguarding Your Store and Staff

The retail sector is continually grappling with issues such as theft, shoplifting, and violence against staff.

At CCS Security Solutions, we take the protection of your retail business seriously.

Our experienced and capable security guards are not just a deterrent to crime but are also advisors on the best security practices tailored to the retail environment.
Why CCS for Retail Security?
  • Experienced Personnel: Our guards are among the most seasoned in the industry, bringing invaluable knowledge and expertise to your retail security.
  • Flexible Solutions: We offer a variety of security services that can be customized to fit the unique needs of your retail business.
  • Nationwide Support: Serving retailers across Ireland, we've built a reputation as a trusted provider of security personnel to the retail sector.

Construction Security: Protecting Your Site 24/7

With expensive equipment, tools, and materials often left unattended, construction sites are a prime target for theft and vandalism.

Furthermore, these sites can be dangerous, attracting unwanted attention that could lead to liability issues.

CCS Security Solutions offers a bespoke service for the construction trade, ensuring your site is protected around the clock.

Our Construction Security Services Include:

  • Security Guarding: On-site personnel to monitor activities and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Mobile Patrols: Frequent patrols to deter criminals and ensure security measures are in place.
  • CCTV Systems: Advanced surveillance to monitor and record activities, providing a strong deterrent and valuable evidence if needed.
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Hotel Security: Ensuring Guest and Staff Safety

The reputation of your hospitality business is crucial, and security plays a significant role in maintaining that reputation.

CCS Security Solutions prioritizes your business, ensuring that both your guests and staff feel protected and confident.

With the hospitality sector being an attractive target for criminals, our licensed hotel security guards are trained not only to protect but also to enhance your guests' experience.

Why Choose CCS for Hotel Security?
  • Trained and Licensed Guards: Our personnel are not just security experts; they're customer service professionals.
  • Flexible and Personal Service: We understand that every hotel is unique. Our services are designed to provide the exact level of security you need.
  • Enhancing Guest Experience: Our guards are warm, friendly, and approachable, ensuring your guests receive the best first impression and continuous reassurance throughout their stay.
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