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The Presence Of Security

In today's world, the presence of a security guard on your premises not only acts as a robust deterrent against crime but also as a reassuring presence for customers, employees, and the public.

At CCS Security Solutions, we recognize the critical role security guards play in protecting property, assets, and people.

Our comprehensive uniformed security services are designed to meet a wide range of needs, ensuring peace of mind and safety in various settings.

A Versatile Security Solution
Whether deterring thieves and vandals, managing front desks at corporate facilities, monitoring CCTV surveillance, or patrolling car parks, our uniformed security guards are equipped to handle a diverse array of services.

This versatility makes our guards an invaluable asset to any security strategy, capable of adapting to the specific needs of your operation.
Security Manned Guards

Highly Trained Licensed Security Guards

  • Exemplary Training for Optimal Security

    The foundation of effective security service lies in the training and professionalism of its guards. CCS Security Solutions prides itself on providing highly trained, PSA licensed security guards who uphold the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency in every assignment. Our rigorous screening and vetting process, extending over five years, ensures that our team is trustworthy and capable of handling any security challenge.
  • Proactive Risk Management

    Beyond their visible deterrent effect, our guards are trained to conduct thorough inspections of your premises, identifying potential security risks and recommending measures to minimize threats. This proactive approach to security ensures that risks of theft, accidents, or criminal activity are significantly reduced.
  • Wide-Ranging Areas of Coverage

    Our experienced and reliable security guards have a broad range of expertise, covering sectors such as schools, business parks, offices, shops, leisure parks, factories, warehouses, and shopping centers. No matter the setting, CCS Security Solutions has the expertise to provide exceptional security services tailored to your unique needs.
  • Mobile Patrols

    For areas or times when a constant security presence is not required, our mobile patrols offer a flexible and effective solution. These patrols extend the protective reach of our uniformed services, ensuring that your property is monitored and safeguarded against potential threats.
  • Vacant Property Guarding

    Vacant properties are particularly vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and trespassing. Our uniformed security services include specialized guarding for vacant properties, providing vigilant protection to prevent unauthorized access and maintain the integrity of your premises.
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