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Advanced Surveillance with the Wireless CCTV Towers

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At CCS Security Solutions, we understand the unique challenges involved in securing remote, vacant, or particularly vulnerable sites.

That's why we are proud to introduce the Wireless CCTV Tower—an innovative, all-in-one surveillance solution designed to offer superior security coverage in the most demanding environments.
Why Choose CCS Security for Your Access Control Needs?
Opting for CCS Security Solutions means choosing a partner committed to providing top-notch security solutions.

Our access control systems are about more than just security; they are about giving you control over your environment, enhancing the safety of your premises, and improving the efficiency of your operations.

State-of-the-Art Features of the Wireless CCTV Tower

  • Robust and Mobile Surveillance

    The core of our Wireless CCTV Tower is a robust, mobile mast that reaches up to 8.5 meters in height. Its mobility allows for easy relocation, making it ideal for temporary or changing sites that require constant surveillance without permanent infrastructure.
  • Advanced Camera Technology

    Equipped with sophisticated cameras, the tower provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities. It features three active 360-degree (PTZ) night vision cameras with smart tracking technology. These cameras are capable of operating in very low light conditions, even able to capture color images in the dark. Once an intruder is detected, the smart tracking system continues to follow their movements, ensuring continuous surveillance.
  • Integrated 4G and Live View System

    Connectivity is ensured through 4G mobile phone technology, which facilitates the transmission of video alarms directly to our remote monitoring center. The Live View system allows real-time video feed, ensuring that any incident is acted upon promptly.
  • Proactive Deterrence Measures

    Additionally, the tower includes audio speakers that enable vocal challenges to be issued remotely to intruders. This feature acts as a powerful deterrent, often stopping intruders in their tracks.
  • Comprehensive Detection Capabilities

    To enhance its effectiveness, the tower is also equipped with motion detectors and can be integrated with external heat detectors. This multi-layered detection system ensures that any unusual activity is identified and addressed immediately.

Why Choose the CCS Security Wireless CCTV Tower?

Ideal for Remote and Vulnerable Sites

The Wireless CCTV Tower is specifically designed for locations that are difficult to monitor with traditional surveillance systems.

Whether it's a construction site, a large industrial area, or a temporarily vacant property, the tower provides dependable surveillance without the need for wired infrastructure.

High-Quality Evidential Images

The imagery captured by the tower’s cameras is of evidential quality, suitable for use in legal contexts.

This ensures that should any security breaches occur, the footage can be used effectively in proceedings.

Ease of Deployment and Operation

One of the key benefits of the Wireless CCTV Tower is its ease of installation and operation.

Its design allows for quick deployment and repositioning as required, providing flexibility in how and where it is used.
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